• Haida Gwaii, Old Massett, circa 1870
  • Launch of our AUV at sea
  • Our ocean instruments returning from the abyss
  • Zooplankton, the foundation of the ocean food chain
  • Research & Development of new Ocean Technology
  • With new data comes new understanding
  • Launch of our new mutispectral sonar
  • Slocum Glider Mission
  • Robert Swan quotation
  • Old Massett

    Haida Gwaii, circa 1870
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

    Launch at sea, West of Haida Gwaii
  • Ocean Sensors

    on their way back up from the abyss
  • Zooplankton

    The main food source of sea life
  • New Ocean Technology

    Research & Development of new ocean sensors
  • Data

    New data brings new understanding
  • Remote Sensing

    Deployment of our multi spectral biomass sonar
  • Exploration

    Without exploration, there is no knowledge

Our Mission

Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation conducts world-class marine research designed to understand oceanic trends and especially the collapse of ocean productivity in the North Pacific. Using our information, principles of sustainability, and sound science, we are developing progressive solutions to foster and restore ocean health. We maintain the highest standard of professional conduct engaging both community and "state of the art" scientific knowledge. We collaborate with leading international organizations to combine resources to ensure that our work is holistic, comprehensive, culturally appropriate and ecologically sound.

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2013 Salmon Harvest Sets New Records

/ 17 Feb

Geron Bruce, Alaska Department of Fish and Game 2013 Salmon Harvest S...

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Article by Ron Johnson, Earth Island Jou…

/ 17 Feb

Ron Johnson, Earth Island Journal Dec 31, 2013 Impact of Last Year's...

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Article by Dr John Matsen, Squamish Stre…

/ 17 Feb

Dr John Matsen, Squamish Streamkeepers Howe Sound Herring Recovery Coo...

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Article by Holly Jean Buck on Geoenginee…

/ 17 Feb

Holly Jean Buck, Cornell University January, 2014 Village Science Me...

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Adoption of a blue carbon credit program…

/ 26 Nov

Article written by Jason McNamee about a regulated and restricted ocea...

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Radio Interview with Jason on NPR radio

/ 20 Oct

Radio Interview with Jason on NPR Radio SCIENCE To Fix Climate Chang...

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National Post Article

/ 18 Oct

National Post Tristin Hopper | 18/10/13 4:13 PM ET More from Tristi...

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Clarification Letter, Squamish Chief

/ 09 Oct

The Squamish Chief Oct 10, 2013 Information Clarified Letter by Jas...

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/ 09 Oct

This is the new official website of Haida Salmon Restoration Corporati...

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CBC Interview with Jason

/ 30 Sep

Salmon enhancement researchers defend themselves on Haida Gwaii It's ...

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'Rogue' researchers make pitch for legit…

/ 23 Sep

The Squamish Chief Oct 10,2013 'Rogue' researchers make pitch for le...

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Pink salmon reaching Fraser River in mas…

/ 12 Sep

The Globe and Mail Sept 12, 2013 Pink salmon reaching Fraser River i...

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B.C. Company stands by its convictions

/ 04 Sep

The Vancouver Sun Sept 4, 2013 B.C. company at centre of iron dumpin...

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Why was iron dumping a surprise?

/ 03 Sep

The Vancouver Sun Sept 3, 2013 Why was iron dumping a surprise? Fed...

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Termination of Russ George

/ 23 May


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National Review Article

/ 03 Jan

National Review Online Published January 3, 2013 The Greens’ Attack ...

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