This video shows some of the research taking place at sea in 2012.

Here is a Matlab visualization of SSH (Sea Surface Height).  Red indicates a surface height change of about 15 cm, and blue the least.  This composite was made using MODIS sattellite data, processed in Matlab and exported to an AVI video.  Ocean eddies are very interesting in the context of marine ecosystems because they are born, move about, live for long periods (sometimes years) and fade away. Eddies 'contain' ocean water and reduce it from dissipating as the eddy moves around.  We fertilized an Eddy so that the iron would not dissipate as rapidly as it would have if we placed it into the open ocean.

This is a visualization of our mission in 2012 that was entirely done using Google Earth and Matlab.  It traces our preperations, our glider missions, the iron fertiliation event, and shows some of the data that we collected.

An outstanding "Phytoplankton 101" presentation made by NASA that does a great job explaining the importance of phytoplankton to the marine ecosystem.

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