Geron Bruce, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

2013 Salmon Harvest Sets New Records

Powered by a record pink salmon harvest of 219 million fish, this year's harvest ranks as the second most valuable on record.

Although there is no conclusive proof at this time that the HSRC Iron Fertilization project influenced this improvement in the salmon fishery, the article does describe the importance of this record pink salmon harvest. 


Ron Johnson, Earth Island Journal

Dec 31, 2013

Impact of Last Year's Rouge Ocean Fertilization Experiment Still Unclear

Abundant fall salmon runs in the Pacific Northwest is helping research group's uphill battle to regain legitimacy


Dr John Matsen, Squamish Streamkeepers Howe Sound Herring Recovery Coordinator

Dec 19, 2013

Ocean Fertilization Insights

Searching for an answer to the unexplained biggest Pink run in 50 years.

A well written and comprehensive overview of the potential impact that Iron Fertilization may have had in the unprecedented 2013 Pink Salmon returns on the North Pacific west coast.

Article written by Jason McNamee about a regulated and restricted ocean based carbon offset financial tool to achieve food and ecosystem security.

Published in Outreach on climate change and sustainable development.


Adoption of a blue carbon credit programme

Holly Jean Buck, Cornell University

January, 2014

Village Science Meets Global Discourse

The Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation's Ocean Iron Fertilization Experiment

(The most thorough and well researched document about our Ocean Iron Fertilization experiment, and the social context surrounding it)

Radio Interview with Jason on NPR Radio


To Fix Climate Change, Scientists Turn to Hacking the Earth

All Things Considered

Oct 21, 2013

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