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Sept 4, 2013

B.C. company at centre of iron dumping scandal stands by its convictions

Haida Salmon Restoration Corp. remains committed to ocean fertilization as government investigation continues (Part 1 of a 2-part special report)

By Zoe McKnight, Vancouver Sun

May 23 2013


VANCOUVER, BC: The board of directors of the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation (HSRC) today announced that it has removed Mr. Russ George as a director of the company. In addition, the HSRC has terminated Mr. George’s employment as an officer of the corporation.

John Disney, who currently serves as President, has been appointed interim CEO.

The HSRC has initiated a board supervised strategic review of the company’s governance, and business plans. In addition, the board has formed a committee to undertake a search for new directors that will strengthen HSRC, particularly in relevant scientific research and commercial matters. An augmented board will also ensure that comprehensive community and stakeholder consultations occur on a systematic basis.

Concurrently, the committee is developing terms of reference for a permanent chief executive officer.

Commenting on these changes, Old Massett Village Chief Councillor Ken Rea stated: “The board and our community has decided to recalibrate this business so that it moves forward in a constructive fashion and effectively responds to legitimate concerns raised by various stakeholders around the world”.

“We realize that we need to take a step back and review the direction of the company” said President and interim CEO, John Disney.  “While we are confident in the technology, process and buy-in are key. That’s why our emphasis is putting the right leadership and business plan in place.  We have a responsibility not only to the shareholders but to the citizens of Old Massett and Haida Gwaii to get it right”, said Disney.

The Vancouver Sun

Sept 3, 2013

Why was iron dumping a surprise?

Federal officials were aware of the Haida Salmon Restoration Co.’s “rogue science” plans to dump iron dust at sea long before last summer’s seeding project went ahead. So why was Ottawa caught by surprise? Officials say they thought they had warned the group off with legal warnings. Yet the company was upfront about its plans in public meetings on Haida Gwaii.

By Zoe McKnight, Vancouver Sun

National Review Online

Published January 3, 2013

The Greens’ Attack on Mariculture 
They fear human involvement with nature. 

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