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Salmon enhancement researchers defend themselves on Haida Gwaii

It's been a year since a controversial ocean experiment off the coast of Haida Gwaii made international headlines. Now, those researchers are defending their research to the public in question and answer meetings. We speak with Jason McNamee.

cbc radio, broadcast Sept 30 2013


The Squamish Chief

Oct 10,2013

'Rogue' researchers make pitch for legitimacy

Haida Salmon Restoration Corp. officials find receptive audience in Squamish

By David Burke, The Squamish Chief

The Squamish Chief

Oct 10, 2013

Information Clarified

Letter by Jason McNamee to the Squamish Chief, clarifying some inaccuracies in their last article about us.

The Globe and Mail

Sept 12, 2013

Pink salmon reaching Fraser River in massive numbers

Researchers say it is too soon to say if the experiment boosted salmon returns, but it is clear there are far more fish coming back now than anyone expected.

By Mark Hume, The Globe and Mail

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